Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monopost MP4/25 WIP

While working on body surfaces in numeric putty/sand/prime/sand iterations, I've unintentionally altered shape of exhaust outlet cover. I looked at my reference pictures and as I have to go through another iteration, I've decided to modify it again in attempt to get closer to original car. While I still couldn't get it to be a 100% correct shape, I think it's better then before.

As it happened many times before, I hope this putty/sand/prime/sand iteration will be the last before I could put layers of TS14 over it. As it happened with MP4/22 build, I will eventually get feed up with attempts to get perfect surface and just move on. After all it's just a model and real perfection basically requires eternity to obtain. Beside when I put models on the shelf and look at them from meter or so away, I don't see small defects and I forget about past issues with each kit quickly too.