Saturday, February 27, 2016

MP4/6 cockpit completed

Returned to MP4/6 last weekend. Made seat belts, added other items and assembled cockpit. With cockpit completed I was able to close whole monocoque and now I am unblocked to continue with other assemblies for the chassis. Body parts are in primer and still need more preparations in waiting for final paint layers. Seat belts I've made don't look that great, but it is not my favourite part and I'm just happy they are out of the way and I am unblocked.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

More work needed for MP4/30's body.

After primer was put on I've examined body and found that there are number of significant imperfections. Will have to do more sanding and possibly more putting. It has to wait for new Zero matched paint to arrive anyway. So, MP4/30 will go into background for now. Hopefully new Zero paint will be closer to original compare to TS40 and worth the wait.

F2008 parts are ready for primer

Washed and cleaned up parts last weekend and started to mount them for painting. Spent little over an hour mounting 75% or so parts with 3M double sided tape and then another couple of hours trying to glue reminder of the parts to toothpicks with super glue. Probably because glue is old, it takes long time for it to cure properly.

Friday, February 5, 2016

MP4/30 parts primed

I have made some progress over past weekend. Washed, mounted and primed most of the parts of MP4/30 model. It does bother me a lot, that I have to spend 4-5 hours washing and mounting parts, but I don't see any way around it. Body will require more work, but over all it is important milestone for me in any build, when I finally lay down first coats of primer to model parts. That usually signals the completion of preparation steps, which I hate. After that it's painting, decal application and assembly. Those steps are a lot more fun for me.