Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Failed paints mixture on FW16B

Returned to this build only to find out that paint cracked on the left side of monocoque. I had to do couple of iterations in attempt to fix it. First ended up with different shade. Then ended up with washed under layer. On 3rd attempt I've got it all masked and sprayed Ok. But then last night after I've removed masking, I found more cracks. This time on the top of left side pod. This is the first time it happened to me that lower paint layer(s) seem to be drying at different rate and causing upper layer. I don't think I will attempt to do any more fixes any time soon. I will wait and see if more cracks will appear, but most likely this body is up for full re-paint job. Here is one photo of the progress. After that this build is going to hibernation until I find motivation to do it all over again. And I hoped for a quick nice build. Damn it.

New silver paint for 917LH body

Returned from vacation and returned to this build. Polished old paint layer a bit and sprayed TS17 over the body. Looks quite similar to TS30. Hopefully this silver will stand clear coat better.