Monday, August 29, 2016

Suspension and radiators done

Finished both rear and front suspensions this weekend. I think RB6 brakes look good on this car. Also installed RB6 radiators and assembled front wing. As soon as I can force myself to create seat belts (hate it), I should be able to mate body and floor and install rear wing. After that only small accessories will be left. Need to wrap it before end of September.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Assembly started

Started assembly on my MP4/30 model last weekend. Partially put together rear and front suspensions. I am still undecided if I will attempt to adopt RB6's brakes to this model. Plan is to do it. That's why I could not complete suspension assemblies. Need easy access and little modifications on kit's uprights to be able to mate them with RB6's brakes.

I also plan to install RB6's radiators inside MP4/30's body. I think they are not too far in appearance from real car. In any case only internals of air ducts inside side pods and front faces of radiators will be visible, when they are installed into MP4/30's body. Fit for those is quite bad, as they obviously were designed for a different body. But I think it's feasible to adopt them. I'll see this weekend.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

More decal work for MP4/30

Placed on rest of the decals for this model. Namely wheel decals, steering wheel and rear light. I like the approach Ebbro has offered with steering wheel decal. It is big one piece, which covers whole face of it. I didn't need to worry about painting individual buttons and about alignment of different items on steering wheel. Hopefully same approach will be taken by other vendors as well. And hopefully Ebbro will put more CF decals into their future kits of modern F1 cars. I liked included CF decals, but there weren't that many.

Moving ahead on FW16B

With seat belts done, I was able to put body and floor together. Next rear wing was assembled. Many elements there, but I've managed to put them together and keep it mostly straight. That all was done last weekend. Worked on decals for the wheel last night. Yellow decals were a concern, but in the end it was not that hard to put them on. OZ decals were easy. I think wheels look nice.