Saturday, October 29, 2016

917LH is finished

Installed wheels, attached windshield viper and married body with chassis. Last piece was underbody rear panel. I call it done. And it is out of my pipeline. Back to F1, hopefully.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Worked on suspension.

Returned to MP4/6 Friday night. Assembled most of the rear and front suspensions. Uprights are only there temporary to keep arms aligned. Will have to assemble and attach brakes first, before I could put uprights in place permanently. At the rear body panels have to be installed as well, prior to final assembly. Still some progress to be happy about. Nothing is attached to the floor at the moment. Just a mock up to see how it all fits.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Clear parts attached

Worked on vacuum formed windows and light covers over the weekend. It's quickly becoming my least favorite part of builds for sports cars. Struggled again with epoxy while attaching them. I wonder if there is a more suitable glue to do it. Epoxy is too messy. Before clear parts, I've also done front and rear lights and tank caps. Does not look like a lot of progress, but it took a lots of hours to complete.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Seat belts done

Bit more progress. Finished cockpit items and seat belts. Clear coat is on as well. Could not find any reference for seat belts. So, went by MFH instructions and my own guess on colour. Need to paint black on the body next. Then windows and windshield. And finally wheels.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Finished decals on 917LH

Finished decals on 917LH: Long break again. Was busy with other builds. Returned to 917 this weekend. Finished all the decals on the body, rear wing and engine cover. Spent hours building up coverage of front louvers from 10 pieces a side. My recommendation to other builders would be to paint strips instead of using decals. Lot more work applying decals, yet result is far from perfect. Here is how it looked before last few small arrows were added.

Finished FW16B conversion

I am going to call this one done. Made front alignment a bit better. Attached mirrors and nose. While I was working on suspension, rear wing fell off to the concrete floor. Ended up with some chipping at the bottom of wing end plates and broken off top wing element. But otherwise not much broken. Epoxy glue did it job of flexing and holding parts together. Fixed top element back on with super glue and used super glue to put wing back. Fortunately not too much damage overall (unless you look very close). Still missing antenna, but out of my pipeline for now.