Monday, January 19, 2015

Little progress for STR5

Decided to use super glue to connect resin air box top with plastic side pod covers. Managed to smear glue all over plastic parts. Now I have to clean it up somehow. I might yet try to reinforce underneath the seam with thin plastic. Not sure.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Adding small items

Continued work on this model. Mostly small things. Installed PE nets in front hood. Worked on fit of doors and had to do quite a bit of paint touch ups. They fit better now, but still far from perfect. Attached radiators. Realized that there isn't enough CF on PE splitter to cover visible areas. Have to add more CF to it. Another part I have to fix is rear engine door. I've made quite a mess of it, trying to fix paint and clear on it. Detached windows and stripped glue and black paint. It's masked for re-paint of black areas by now. Windows are also stripped of paint and decals. Will have to re-do them. This is going to set this build back some extra weeks, but I could not live with how it looked after all bad touch ups.

Windows installed

Continued with this build. Installed all windows, beside front wind shield. Also installed head lamp covers. Then worked on rivets and fasteners. As well as on door support struts and mirrors. I have used Gunze H30 acrylic clear on windows and it was a mistake. That clear coat melts under finger's heat and there is a lot of blemishes on windows by now. I'm considering putting on more clear coats. But this time I would likely have to do it with brush. Not sure yet. Right side head lamp cover didn't go on well and I've made a bit of a mess. It often happens to me on later assembly stages. Still working on improving my glue application techniques. Current plan is to attach front radiators and splitter next. Then I will have to attach doors, engine cover and top of the roof.

Back to F1-GTR

Finally was able to return to this build. I have applied window trim decals some time ago, but only get to apply clear coat over them recently. I've also started assembly of the doors. After a bit of a soul searching, I've decided to not spend any more time on CF decals and used door inserts as is in plain SG black. Same happened with remaining engine intake parts. Assembled them as there were. It is probably my own fault, but window trim decals did not fit perfect and some white body paint would be visible, if I installed them as is. So, I had to paint trim black on body and door parts as well. Last I was able to attach rear side panels. I guess I've done something wrong, but there are significant gaps around rear engine door. It appears to be not wide enough. I'm going to try to flatten it a bit.

Here is where this build at now.

Early season air box for STR5

In attempt to get closer on shape to STR5, I've decided to use air box cover from Studio27 Monaco GP trans-kit. It's probably not 100% correct. but IMHO better represent pre F-duct configuration STR5 had most of the season. Now I have to somehow attach resin part to plastic side pod covers and reinforce connection lines. Haven't come up with definitive idea yet.