Monday, September 30, 2013

Small progress on MP4/27

I'm inching forward very slowly. Got only one night to work on it, instead of expected 3 over the weekend. Things didn't go to plan, as often happens with my modeling. Added bottom plank and installed PE items on rear suspension arms. Main thing are completed front suspension and attached nose. Looks a bit more like a Formula1 car now.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back to MP4/27

With F10 almost completed and out of my way at the moment, I could return to this McLaren. Spent couple of hours to put rear brakes, rear and font suspensions together. Brakes are almost identical to F10, so I was able to use second set of PE items from Hobby Design's F10 set to simulate rotors. This time I've used Gator glue to hold PE in place. Worked fine and allowed for a cleaner result. I have modified position of rear brake calipers a bit, so they seat deeper and match PE better. However location of calipers is not accurate. On real car they are positioned horizontally at the bottom of rotors. Fujimi does not bother with such small inaccuracies. With some extra effort, that could be corrected. But I don't plan to display car with wheels off and rest of brake detail aren't 100% accurate anyway. Drive shafts are from after market Top Studio set. They are machined parts, look pretty nice and have durable coating. Installed rear light as well. Not visible on the photo, but it's there. Front brakes and nose will be next. Then I plan to switch to work on wings and cockpit.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

F10 almost finished

It's almost comleted. Finished front wing and attached it to the nose. Attached barge boards, side panels, cameras and mirrors. Then attached nose. Nose is on permanently. Didn't feel like detailing inside it, so glued it shut. Only small accessories, steering wheel and wheels are left to finish. 2nd photo shows F10 beside 2011 Red Bull RB7 car. It's the most relevant model I have from the modern era of banned re-fueling. F10 is still seems to be the longest.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Final stages for F10

Unblocked after seat belts installation was done, I've started to put major components together. But first I've simulated heat shielding on the floor and rear suspension using bare metal foil. My silver sheet of foil is old and lost its adhesive abilities. I've used Gator acrylic glue to secure it in place. Attached exhausts to engine, then engine, gearbox and monocoque to floor. Next assembled rear wing in place. All the provided tabs and also rear wing supports allow for easy installation and assembly in place. Latest item assembled was front wing. I've used PE items from Studio27 set. I think it would be better to use items #8 in place of items #3 and vase verse. Still have 2 top winglets to attach. I'm rushing this build a bit in attempt to make it to local contest this Saturday. It will not be 100% completed by then, but I plan to return to it and finish up later.

Monday, September 16, 2013

F10 progress

More progress. Finished suspension by adding uprights and brakes. Photo with wheels is just a mock up again. I don't like Fujimi tires and hope to get replacement set from Tamiya RB6 kit. Finally got around to make seat belts. Not a big step, but took about 3 hours to complete and most importantly this unblocks me and I can put together floor, engine, gearbox, rear wing and monocoque. Finish is not too far, but there is still quite a bit to do. Have to put front wing together, complete tires and then attach all other smaller items.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Assembly started on F10

Usually as soon as all parts are painted and ready for final assembly, process accelerates quite a bit. Looks like I've reached that point with F10. I've clear coated last parts, where decals were placed - camera, brake calipers and wheels, and started final assembly steps. Assembled parts of rear and front suspension, attached oil tank to engine and radiators to monocoque. Simulated heat shielding on the rear of monocoque with Bare-Metal gold foil. More steps to come, but seat belts are a stumbling block at present. Seat belts and steering wheel detailing aren't least favorite tasks. Need to make those happen though, before I could mate all the sub-assemblies with the floor.

Below are photos of current sub-assemblies and quick mock up.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Little progress on F10

I've pretty much reached the point when I can start assembly steps for F10. Added some PE bits on the weekend. Fujimi didn't pay much attention to insides of radiators, but I think they could be visible at right angle and under right light. I have 2 sets of PE from Studio27 and Hobby Design. Both have meshes for radiators. I've removed plastic tabs from insides and put Hobby Design PE there. Studio27 PE went to outside. Also used HD PE rings to simulate brake rotors. Haven't figured out how to apply minimum glue and still be able to slide then into place. So, got quite a bit of glue marks and CA glue fogging. I use Tamiya fine polishing compound to remove fogging and some marks.

Mini review of Thunder Valley F1 1/12 scale “Formula Perfect” super kit for Ferrari 641/2

Apparently Thunder Valley F1 is back on track with Ferrari 641/2 detail kits and shipping them out to customers.

I've received my copy yesterday. Everything was packaged nicely and shipped on timely manner. Detail sets currently produced do not include turned parts for dumpers.

Overall impressions are positive. Spoiled by cheap and inexpensive photo-etch sets from China and Japan, I felt that there could be more PE parts for the price. But I guess it costs quite a bit more to produce those parts in USA. Besides, I understand that PE parts on rubber backing are even more expensive to make.

I especially like turned velocity stacks and cast in resin replacement air box base. All the turned parts look very good and their price to quality ratio is excellent for the money, in my opinion.

Wheel Nuts/Spindle set has to be ordered separately. Machined parts look very good to me. Again price to quality ratio is excellent for this set.

It is claimed on TVF1 site, that some of their detail sets provide more PE items compare to sets produced in the past under Perfect Parts brand. I've reviewed images I have of PP parts and beside washers and turned dumper's parts, I think TVF1 641/2 set covers pretty much same set of parts as PP set.

I have to wait till I actually build my 641/2 kit to make a conclusion on how much extra TVF1 set adds. But from visual review I think it looks to be a great value for the price and should add quite a bit of detail to the build of already excellent Tamiya kit.

Just for the sake of comparison I include a photo of PE sets provided in 1/12 scale MFH 643 conversion kit.