Wednesday, December 30, 2015

MP4/30 mid season build started

Received my copy on Ebbro MP4/30 kit and could not resist starting it. Kit is very basic and simple. I anticipate no issues with kit and hopefully can get it done relatively fast. Only 2 concerns to address. First is missing brake detail - no rotors, no calipers and no covers. I'll have to scratch build covers and use resin copies of rotors and calipers from another kit. Second is the choice of proper colour. Neither TS40 or TS14 seems to be correct. If I cannot find better match in my own stock, I will probably go with recommended TS40.

First step is traditional test fit assembly. Fit is very good on this kit.

Next step was to glue together as much parts as possible before paint. Assembled floor parts, upright details, gearbox and exhaust pipe. Then assembled all body parts into curbside shell. Kit does not have any engine at all. Next step will be putting seams and injection marks and preparing surfaces for primer.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

More test assembly steps

Continued test assembly last night. Tested wings and then turned to suspension. Alignment seems to be reasonable out of the box, however adjustments will be required. It is kind of back to MM land territory, where fit is not ideal. I am a bit puzzled with approach to rear wing assembly. While there are small tabs to help align parts, there are no pins to guide them. Also it looks like side flaps will have to be adjusted to allow a winglet at the rear of engine cover seat properly. As I've said - back to MM world where things don't fit and align that well.

For ride height check I've used Fujimi tires. Didn't want to risk destroying nicely printed logos on MFH tires. Fujimi tires are not 100% correct, but gave me ability to get rough ideas about suspension alignment and ride height.

One thing that bothers me a bit is the narrower track width at the front. From my past experience of building models of modern cars, usually track width at the front was the same or wider then that on the back. I wonder if it was something specific for that year or for this car.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Test fit assembly continues

After fit of diffuser parts and rear crash structure was improved best I could do it, I continued with body panels. Fit is not perfect and I intend to improve it a bit, but it is actually pretty good. I was a bit surprised on how well engineered kit is, but it is MFH kit, so somewhat expected. After Studio27's kits, this one feels much better. Next area I've tackled was nose. Again after a bit of sanding and trimming, parts fitted well. I will have to sand more to eliminate small steps, but it'll be done after I glue parts together. Also worked on fit of the middle bottom section. Some trimming helped there as well. For the moment nothing is glued yet, all is mocked up with use of Tamiya masking tape. It looks a bit weird with all different materials and tape on the parts. When primer will go on, its beautiful (imho) shape will start to show.

PS: I happened to have F60 model seating beside my photo booth and when I glanced over, it looked like there is some family resemblance. But another strange thought crossed my mind - why Tamiya decided to do not very successful F60 and passed on quite successful and imho more beautiful F2008. Go figure.

Test fit assembly started for F2008

Started first test assembly and clean up steps. Rear suspension came together pretty well. But very next step - mating rear parts of diffuser with floor and rear crash structure immediately provided first challenge. Have to work quite a bit on parts to get better fit. Some sanding and scribing was needed to improve it. There will be many more, I'm sure, but it is a labour of love for me, because I have so much passion for the car.

Friday, December 11, 2015

F2008 Brazil Kimi started

Started my discovery pre-test fit assembly for recently acquired MFH F2008 kit. Because of the complexity of this kit, I need to do an extra pre-test fit assembly, basically to figure out where parts go and how kit goes together in general. Next I will start actual test fit assembly, when I'd be drilling holes, cleaning up parts and even gluing some together as needed. Main concern at present is to work out an assembly sequence that will allow me to glue as much parts together as possible before painting. I also need to figure out where there are actual seems on real car and where I need to putty in seems non existent on real car.

Real car was very sophisticated and refined and model reflects it. It has quite a high number of parts for curbside kit and assembly looks quite complex. Interconnection of different parts is tricky as well.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Small progress

Didn't have much time this weekend, only small update. Continued assembly of engine/gearbox accessories and started assembly of cockpit items. Fit is better for cockpit parts. Also test fitted HD brakes and modified wheels to accept them. Detail painted steering wheel and switches on side panel for cockpit. And attached electronics boxes to side pod panels