Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MP4/27 is ready for decals

Finally an update after 2 months. Delayed because of my reluctance to do tedious polishing job needed for gloss black base. At some point polishing was also required for F10 model, so I batched up F10, MP4/25 and MP4/27 and polished them all at the same time. This model received few light coats of Mirrachrome paint. After paint was dry to touch I buffed it out using cotton swabs. Then after few days of drying I put Alclad Aqua clear coat on it. I left MP4/22 model in the frame intentionally for comparison. Tamiya putty tube is there to show reflection.

I'm not 100% happy with results over all, but it will do for this particular model. MP4/25 wasn't as lucky and ended up back into gloss black base. I will have to re-do chrome paint for MP4/25. I'm using Alclad HPA on it. Will post comparison photo when MP4/25 is ready. However it could take long time, as MP4/25 is another cursed model. It'll be my 5th attempt to get chrome on for it.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Update on F10 build, finally

Finally a dedicated update on F10 build. All delays on it are related to my troubles with white primers. I just cannot get any of white primers, available to me, to lay down in thin smooth coats. I always get a bit grainy and a bit thick layers. They require sanding and in turn can lead to more coats, when I unintentionally sand through to plastic.

Anyway, TS8 red and TS26 white colors are on. My masking wasn't perfect, but it'll do for this build. I will have to touch up black in many places, which would involve extensive masking. That slows me down too.

Polishing is in order for red. And then I should be able to turn to decals.