Monday, October 11, 2010

MP4/22 rescue build

Most of the decals are on the main body shell. Quite a few more to go onto wing elements and then lots of CF decals for floor, wings and suspension elements.

Friday, October 8, 2010

MP4/22 rescue build

It's being a while since MP4/22 had my attention. Finally it get some. Painted black areas on wings and body. Those black surfaces are ready to accept Carbon Fiber decals. Started application of main decals. Studio27 decals aren't easy to work with. Quite thin and a bit firm at the same time. React to Micro-Sol decals solution quickly and strongly. I've learned to position them as good as I can first, using extra water, drain water next and only then apply Mirco-Sol. As soon as decal solution is applied it's almost impossible to move/adjust decals location. It's also easy to damage decals after Micro-Sol is applied. Below is my regular "family" shot of MP4/22 beside MP4/5B. Work on MP4/5B build kind of helped to draw me back to MP4/22 build.

CNC Lathe conversion

I've made a decision to convert my manual Sherline lathe into CNC controlled one. The idea is to use same control box, which connected to the CNC Mill at the moment. I plan to unplug Mill's steppers and plug in Lathe's steppers. Separate configuration for EMC2 should do it fine, I think. The downside of course is that I would not be able to run Mill and Lathe under CNC control simultaneously. That'll be fine until Lathe get it's own CNC controller. All components are in house at present. Couple of basic steps are completed. Got holes drilled and tapped in Lathe's base to accept stepper mount. Changed lead screw and installed all mounts. It's ready to accept steppers. Couple difficult steps left - soldering of connectors to motor wires and configuring EMC2 to control Lathe. Otherwise the rest seems straightforward.