Saturday, November 15, 2014

S27 B186 re-build continues

Not too much progress over last 2 weeks, but some work has been done. Repaired damaged body tail and started working on suspension. Even done some preliminary test fit assembly. Front upper suspension arms seems to be at too much of an angle, but I don't see any other way to get proper ride height. Main issue is angles of rear suspension arms. On real car upper arms go bit upward and lower arms seems to go a bit downward. In the kit it complete opposite. The only way I can see to connect arms, uprights and push rods is to have upper arms point a bit downward and lower arms point a lot upwards. I don't like that, but could not come up with solution so far. It seems that i would have separate lower arms and re-attach them to gearbox at higher points. Not sure I will be willing to do that sort of modifications.

Here are some quick shots. Sorry for poor lighting and mess on my workspace.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

S27 B186 re-build started

I like this car and for a long time has been chasing a Studio27 kit, which is the only kit of this car available in 1/20 scale. Eventually I've found a started model. Fortunately for me it is complete and has two sets of decals. Though 4 white decals are missing. I've got help with a scan of full decal set and hopefully I will get help and get them printed for me.

I've started with stripping all paint and disassembling engine parts. Got pretty much all old paint stripped and parts ready for restart of preparation work. Still have to disassemble rear suspension and gearbox parts.

First 2 photos are started kit as I got it. Last photo is of how parts look now.

Got a win

Took this model to IPMS Toronto 34th model contest. It won first in "Competition Closed Wheels" category to my surprise. I was surprised, but I was happy about it as well. That's because on this contest there are bigger competition and quite a few great models. The issues with the build are still fresh in my memory and that's why it was a surprise to see judges to give it 1st. Here is late photo of the model with that medal beside it. As far as I'm concerned this model is out of my pipeline as well. I will add small things later.

Out of pipeline

Worked a bit on P34 - added seat belts, PE flaps to the front and clear plastic inserts into cockpit surround. For now it is completed and out of pipelane as far as I'm concerned. I still have to do tires at some point, but don't have motivation at present.