Saturday, March 12, 2016

Undecided on colour for MP4/30

Why McLaren always must select difficult colours for their liveries. I've made more photos under direct sun light and on photos Zero colour seems to be very close to photos of real car. But in person colour looks too light and too grey to me. I wonder how real car looks in person. I guess I should visit a GP each year to see real colours of cars with my own eyes. Still undecided on what will I do about colour of my model. I start to think about leaving Zero colour unchanged. Will just polish off blemishes and then it would be off to clear coat.

Here are photos from under the sun:

Here are couple from under artificial light:

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Painted MP4/30 in Zero Graphite Grey

I've got new Zero paint matched to MP4/30 colour almost 2 weeks ago. Finally got around to spray it. It is grey and has small flakes in it, which seem to be good to scale. However it does not look as black as real car would look under sunlight. So, imho it is not correct. I will have to redo it. Not sure if I should try to add black into that paint or just switch to recommended TS40 from Tamiya. Quite unusual to have Zero paint that does not work. Have been happy with all other Zero paints so far. Beside MP4/30 body and wing parts, I've also painted most of F2008's suspension and brake parts as well as floors for both models.