Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More decal work

Spend 3 weekend nights on it. It's looking more like a racing car now. Good thing is that all difficult decals are done by now. Decals weren't designed for Aoshima kit, likely for Fujimi one instead. Had to do quite a bit of patching on glow red/orange. Luckily I didn't need one of the red/orange decals, so I was able to use it for patching. Never perfect, but I'm mostly satisfied. Such a cool livery, imho. Only small number are left to add. Here are some mock up photos.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Started decals

With my MFH short tail build blocked somewhat and P34 almost finished, I was able to return to this model. About 3 weeks ago I've polished off imperfections in clear coat and unblocked myself to start decal application. Started it over past weekend. Spent about 5 or 6 hours so far. Completed couple of complex tasks. First applied side decals. Next put down thin orange stripes. Fortunately my masking was close enough for stripes to lay down alright. I had to add couple of small extensions where stripes were too short for my paint layout. Overall I'm pretty happy about how it turned out. Couple more complex tasks are left to do - wide central orange stripe to apply over roof and rear doors and then Davidoff logos for the doors. After that rest of the decals should be relatively easy and straightforward to apply.

Here are two quick shots of its current state.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Putting it together for P34

Getting it all together relatively fast. I'm trying to complete it to presentable state before local contest next Saturday. It's not really built to contest standards and some things will still be unfinished before Saturday, but I like to present my Formula One models on local contests, because beside mine's there isn't many (sometimes none) models of Formula One cars here.

Beside tires, velocity stacks and seat belts there only few small items left to add.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

P34 is back on track

After been building 1/24 F1-GTRs for months, I finally got a bit tired on them and inspiration returned to continue with P34 build.

Main blockers were 2 out of 4 front axles glued incorrectly. I managed to glue them at weird angles, so wheels would have never fit right on them. Last night I've fixed them. Cut off old axles, drilled wholes into uprights and inserted pieces of round rod. Funny that original car didn't have any carbon fiber parts (I think), but my model does :) My local hobby store did not have metal or plastic rods, so I had to buy fancy CF ones. After that blockage was removed I could go ahead with assembly. Installed front suspension sub-assemblies to the body and mate body with the floor. Installed radiators and roll protection bars as well.

Next night I've finished all suspension elements. Installed steering column and gear shift. Finished routing of fuel lines and radiator hoses. Few PE items left to attach. Then rear wing, wheels, tires and seat belts and it will be finished.