Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Put together front suspension

A bit more progress. Put front suspension together. Also attached main element of front wing. I had to temporarily affix nose to body to make sure alignment is right. Coming together ok so far.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Assembly steps started for FW16B

Work was going on at the background for this model, but there was nothing new to show. Recently I have put CF decals to insides of rear wing end plates, clear coated with satin finish parts painted SG black to simulate CF look and brush painted black inside air intake and rear of the body. I also put plain black decals inside cockpit as a short cut and to avoid complex masking for black paint. By this weekend I have finally reached a point when I could start first assemblies.

This weekend I've put engine and rear suspension together. Attached that sub-assembly to the floor and attached some accessory items to the body - head rest, small air scoops and insert for engine cover cut.

Here are some photos. Body is not attached to the floor, only a mock up for now.