Monday, February 12, 2018

Main livery decals for BT52

Worked on main livery decals' application for BT52 over the weekend. As predicted decals were a joy to work with. There were few minor fix issues, but otherwise they were great. Pretty much all decals for body panels are applied by now. Still have few to apply to radiators and other accessories. Next, I'll let them dry and then parts will be off to clear coating.

One thing that caught me out by little surprise was a sequence of assembly for parts G3/G4. My own fault mainly. I did not study color and decal application guides and painted these parts in white separately from the floor. However when I get to apply color decals #22/#21, I've realized that these decals overlap onto the floor. Fortunately for me, I was able to just glue G3/G4 to the floor before I ruined decals. In the hindsight, I could have glued G3/G4 to the floor from the start and painted them together. This way I would have been able to fill seams with putty and properly prepare all that for paint and decals. Again, fortunately seams are hardly visible, so I will be able to live with results just fine.

Monday, February 5, 2018

CF work on BT52's floor and monocoque

Small update. Completed CF decals on BT52's floor and monocoque. CF pattern are not easy to capture on photos, but under magnification they could be seen. I the mean time I have painted almost all the parts. Next will be main livery decals and CF for seat.
Couple of quick shots.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Couple of painting sessions completed

Completed couple of long painting sessions over last two weeks. Got almost all parts of BT46 and BT52 models primed. Then started applying metallic colors. Mostly Alclad shades sprayed onto engine and accessories and SG black for suspension parts. Body parts require some more prep work before paint could be applied. There will also be quite a bit of hand brushing needed to highlight details. Couple of quick in progress shots.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Completing prep work

Finishing up prep work. Studio27 PE set, I have for this model, provides PE covers for engine air intakes. I've decided to open up holes in engine cover for those. However while cutting trough plastic, I've managed to make holes quite a bit bigger then required. To fix the issue and to give PE bits something to rest on, I've decided to attach strips of plastic inside, just below cover surface. This way PE covers will not stick out and there should be enough space to add filter paper underneath them to simulate filtering material used on real car. Worked out ok, I think. Also attached real firewall (not shown on photos). Prior to that, I've drilled bunch of holes for future detailing with aftermarket A/N fittings, braided lines, hoses and wires. Wire and tube lines I have, are too thick for this model. So, order for MFH's 0.4mm tubes and 0.28mm wires was placed and it is on the way to me. Next I have to wash parts and get the mounted for priming. Hopefully we will see parts in primer relatively soon.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Prep work ongoing

Continued to do basic prep work. Started puttying seams.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Yet another build started - BT46

With multiple challenging builds in progress, I felt I needed something that would go together rather well. I've looked at my line up of completed and in progress models and all I could see were pretty much Lotus, McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari cars. Then I looked through my pile of kits and realized that I have 3 models of Brabham BT46 car variations and I thought Tamiya BT46 would fit the bill perfectly. Having instructions from 1/12 MFH kit as a reference is a big asset for this new build. I also have PE set from Studio27, which looks to be quite useful. I actually managed to get myself hyped about this model quit a bit. First it is different from my usual subjects. Second - it's Tamiya engeniring and should go together well. Third - it's surprisingly detailed and gives a great base for moderately detailed project, which is perfect for my current skill level. Spent last few days gathering references, studding them and MFH's 1/12 kit instructions, and doing my usual build plan. And finally last night I was able to start it. Not much to show at present, just a bunch of parts separated from trees. Going to prep parts and do test assembly next.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

CLK-GTR completed

Added seat bets, rear view mirrors and other small exterior/interior items. It's finished as far as I am concerned. May even leave it without tire decals.

Now the photo I had in mind as main reason when I've started CLK-GTR kit. It's the view of 2 leading competitors from FIA 1997 championship.