Tuesday, July 3, 2018

More rear end assembly done

Got gearbox and rear suspension assembled past week

Primed parts of SF70H model

Last weekend I started to prime parts. Decided to go with light layers of grey first. Will need to smooth these coats a bit and then get white primer on the parts, which will be white and red later. First photo shows well how much pre-assembly I've done for the main shell of my model. On second photo it is possible to make out what other pre-assemblies I've done before primer for other parts.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Assembly steps started on BT46

While focus was on BT52 build, I've continued to work on BT46 in parallel. After decals with simulated rivets were applied, I've primed over them and then shot Zero Alfa red onto body parts and wings' elements. Next I've done detail painting on engine and suspension items. And finally this week I've started assembly steps. Engine is coming together first. Put extra effort into wiring it up. Ignition wires and fuel lines could be seen on photos. I still need to come up with solution for ignition plugs/booths, which are missing from the kit. I also plan to put extra effort into plumbing. Most of the hoses will be added latter, but accepting holes have been drilled ahead of time.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Putty work started for SF70H build

Lots and lots of seems and injection pin marks to fill in. Recent Tamiya kits seems to have an excessive number of injection marks. I wonder how is the kind of injection process they use different from other manufacturers. BeeMax and Fujimi kits for example, don't seems to have as many. I've even decided to leave some of them, which will not be very visible under black paint and in some hard to see places. Don't like those prep steps much, so trying to avoid any extra work.

Friday, May 4, 2018

On the finish line with BT52

First time on its wheels. Since last update I have installed seat with added seat belts, installed dashboard and steering wheel, completed front and rear wings, added some smaller items. Still have to complete wheel decals and add more accessory items. But next update should likely be with photos of completed model, as I have to wrap it up by Mat 24th.

Friday, April 27, 2018

More assemblies done

Completed more assembly steps. Attached monocoque shell to the floor. Routed more wires and hoses. Assembled front suspension and attached brakes. Also attached main element of front wing. There is still a small gap between body cover and that main element, but it is quite small and not very visible. I might still drill through that wing element and install a screw to tighten them or leave it as it. Not sure at the moment.

Still have no idea to where route that red cable from electronics box and where route second hose from second filter.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Progress on BT52

I am making good progress on this build. Worked on engine wiring and detailing over past weeks. Completed radiator assemblies as well. On the weekend I was able to start putting it all together. Installed engine/gearbox and radiators onto the floor. Added electronics box too. Still have to route wires and some additional hoses. Last weekend I put clear coat over body parts and wing elements. On Friday masked off and sprayed semi-gloss black inside those body panels. Then installed side panels onto main monocoque shell. Hope to attach monocoque to floor next and then work on front suspension assembly.