Saturday, May 25, 2019

Coming closer to completion

Made a lot of progress on this build. Cockpit, front and rear wings completed. All the plumbing and wiring is completed as well. Added PE skirts, mirrors and windscreen last night. There is still number of small things to add, like PE items for the body, paint on tire walls, cover on front wheels, etc. But it is not too far from completion. Here is how it looks at the moment.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

More wiring for MP4/6

Worked on adding wires and making wire loom for MP4/6 during past two weekends. User shrinking tube, super glue and thin wires to make something that looks like what TopStudio instructions for 1/12 kit present. Not going to replicated all wiring that they call out. And it's going to be way short of real car. But at least model will look a little "busier" in the end, hopefully. I've also decided to make brake fluid line on this model. That required from me to make a hole in front bulkhead, so I could route lines from fluid cylinders to brake calipers and into cockpit, from where one line goes to rear splitter and rear calipers as well. Wiring and plumbing on the engine is in progress.

Here are some quick photos made with my phone.

Tamiya TS050 test assembly

Received my copy of TS050 kit this week. Not going to really start building it any time soon. But I was curious how is fit of parts, how complicated assembly would be and how would I like overall shape of this car. So, I've decided to do test assembly only for now to satisfy my curiosity. Below are some photos of "Frankenstein" model. Here are some conclusions. Fit of parts is good, as expected from any recent Tamiya kit. Assembly it going to be a bit tricky in few places. Shape of this car overall it not that beautiful to my eye. However it's great to have a kit of modern prototype. Painting and masking are going to be most challenging and in parts annoying for this model.

And I think this model would definitely benefit from detailing of interior. Will have to find proper reference photos and do a bit of detail scratch building and detail painting to make it look better.

Here are some quick photos made with my phone. Body is just seating on wheels. Did not bother assembling suspension and rear wing.