Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tamiya SF70H WIP started

Received my copy of this kit this week. Wanted to start it right away. Starting with usual test assembly and parts preparations. So far it feels right at same high Tamiya standard engineering level as other Formula 1 kits from them. Made some photos with S27 W08 and Ebbro MP4/30 in the frame for comparison.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Simulated rivets added for BT46

I've decided to add simulated rivets for this model, using Archer fine transfers. This is first time for me. Watched video tutorial at decals maker's site and followed process almost exactly. Only deviation was use of Miro-Set to help decals settle better. Without Micro-Set it was difficult to move and position decals and they did not want to stick well. Over all result is satisfactory, even if it may not be 100% accurate. Got as close as my patience allowed me. There are many more rivets on real car. But I was not willing to spend extra time on those less visible. It's a time consuming process and I'm not even sure rivets will show that well on finished model. We'll see.

Assembly started on BT52

Started assembly process with engine. Completed routing of ignition wires. Used some TopStudio straight A/N fitting to simulate spark plugs. I think they look close enough, even it not 100% accurate. Also added couple of PE detailing items.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

CF decal work for F2008 on going

After finishing CF decals for BT52 build, I've used momentum and finally started CF decal work for my F2008 build. Already spend close to 20 hours, but only got gearbox, diffuser and top of the floor done. CF patterns I've used are not 100% correct according to my photos. But I did not have correct ones available. So, I've used what I had and what was closer to real car. I've use fresh new Tamiya CF decals for the diffuser. They were easy to work with. Quite similar in their properties to SMS CF decals. Main difference being that I did not need to use Miro-Set first before I use Micro-Sol. Went straight to Micro-Sol and they reacted well. Used some heat from hair drier as usual to help them conform to curved surfaces.

I've also decided to use few different patterns, which aren't 100% correct either. But it makes the looks a bit more appealing, imho. Lot more parts to do. But mostly suspension items in twill weave pattern. And less complex. So, hopefully progress will be a bit faster.