Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5th attempt on MP4/25

This model is definitely cursed. It has been my 5th attempt and I'm still not happy with the result. I've decided to skip polishing step for TS14 and go directly to Alclad HPA this time. Resulted shade is not too bad, but I've got those weird spots once again. Alclad HPA just does not work for me as well as in the past anymore. I'm quite tired of all these cycles I've gone through and debating if I should just continue with finish I have at present. I hope smaller 0.3 head on my airbrush could help. But there is no guarantee and I'm not yet sure I will do it all over again.

SG black is painted on F10 and MP4/27

I've masked and painted semi-gloss black on F10's wing elements and body parts. Also painted internals of MP4/27. I still need to touch up some more spots under the engine cover of F10 and then it should be off to assembly.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

More painting completed for P34

Masked and painted aluminium and black on chassis, seat and cockpit cover. Ready for decals now. I run out of Alclad aluminium, so painted SG black first and then used Alclad polished aluminium instead. Looks OK, I think.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Progress on P34

Finally an update. I have not stopped, and while body parts were waiting for clear coat, I've continued painting and working on small parts. Most are done, either with air-brush or hand brush painting. FORD logos were dry brushed. I need to work more on that technique, but I think it's better this time. I've attempted for a second time to do some weathering with Tamiya smoke. This time I think I've got better results. It's hard to capture on photos, because effect is very subtitle. I've applied smoke on engine, gearbox and some suspension arms. I feel it did make a difference. From plain coloured, parts went to somewhat used look. This build will pretty much be the first one, when I start assembly long before all the parts are ready. One of the reasons, is that I need engine/gearbox assembly to play a role of a jig, so I could align all the pipes of exhausts and glue them together properly before putting, priming and painting. I don't see any way to get them ready before that. Body parts were clear coated with Zero 2K afterwards and are almost ready for decals. But first I need to mask and paint aluminium colour on the chassis.

Decals are done and Zero 2K clear is on F10

Finished decals on wings and applied some CF decals. For this build only selected areas will be covered with CF decals. Zero 2K clear was also put on later. Drying at present and waiting for polishing job. As soon as polishing is done it'll be pretty much ready for assembly.

Finished CF job for MP4/27

For weeks I've been working on CF job for this build. Pretty much done. I don't plan to CF whole suspension of this model, only front arms. Under body and nose are done. Rear and front wings are done as well. Pretty much all decals are ready as well. I've put more Alclad Aqua clear coat over decals and CF later. Got a small bump of clear where it run and accumulated. It's at the very end of engine cover. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it yet. I'm going to let it dry for a while and then probably attempt to polish it off.