Saturday, September 26, 2015

Finished, but no joy.

I call this one completed. Lots and lots of effort spent, but in the end this model didn't turn out as good as I hoped. Lots of good work is hidden inside cockpit and under hoods. But most visible parts that probably turn people off on it - windows, I couldn't get right. I guess because windows don't look clean, over all model does not look clean also, even though paint, decals and clear coat were done pretty well, imho. Gaps between panels probably make it look even worse. Lessons for next builds are - not to settle for mediocre finishes, especially for windows and continue improving my gluing techniques. Goal of improving parts fit is probably more for MFH. And judging from some of recent 1/12 builds, they have improved quite a bit.

Aoshima F1-GTR long tail build was quite a bit easier and kit just fallen together well. It was less challenging and I put less effort into it. But people still like it more.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

On its wheels for the first time

I have finished work on tires and finally attached wheels. Ground clearance is quite a bit high at the front. Unfortunately, I don't think I can correct it at this stage. Over all fit is not so great. Not sure where it is because of my mistakes and where there are kit's shortcomings. It also does not seat 100% on all 4 wheels. Must be my fault. Front right is a little bit handing in the air, until I push model down at front. Finished work on it and attached rear grill. Very few items left to complete - decals over rear emblems, door knobs, front shield wiper and antenna. Over all not very please with final result. Wanted to have it done much cleaner. Well, there is always another model to build better.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Some progress on STR5 conversion

Little progress on this conversion. I have patched Bull decals and small gaps on the nose. Used pieces from spare decals I had in my scrap box. Couldn't find perfect matches, so used closest red pieces I could find. If you know where to look, you'll see them. But I didn't have other options, beside buying full new set of conversion decals and stripping and re-doing it all again. Didn't want to do that. Front wing was basically the only assembly left to apply decals to. I've mocked it up using masking tape, so I could align decals between different flaps. Done main flaps and small winglets. End plates are still left to complete. After decals are done it'll be ready for next step - final clear coat.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Started Fujimi MP4/6

With FW16B in sort of limbo state, because of paint issues. I've decided to put F12 build on hold as well and start new Formula 1 build instead. I've wanted to build Fujimi MP4/6 kit since a while back. I think main reason is that this kit is a scaled down version of 1/12 Tamiya kit and is a great subject to model. I've actually been working on it for a couple of weeks now, but there isn't much to show. It is in stage of preparation steps. Detached parts from trees and performed test assembly. Also started gluing some parts together before primer. My kit is full view version, however I decided to not have any parts left transparent on my model. Want to build it mostly OOB with addition of some Studio27 PE parts and brake detail set by Hobby Design. With all other projects on the go this one will be slow moving.

Another attempt to re-paint

I have decided to attempt another re-paint on FW16B's body. Last re-spray seemed to have worked Ok. No cracks so far. So, I've masked rest of the body off and re-sprayed side pods. I feel I went too heavy with wet layers of paint. And after I removed masking tape it appeared that I have damaged white paint at the border lines. Another issue I've never experienced before. I will try to polish that damage off, but because it is so close to areas painted blue, it's very likely that I will end up contaminating white with blue or other way around. Will strip it all off, if this attempt fails.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

On the finish line

After long hiatus this model is back on my modeling table. I kind of lose motivation when model is close to 90-95% completion. There is local car model contest coming up at the end of September and it always gives me extra motivation to finish my 90% completed builds. Not much left on this model. Attached front wind shield last night. Then worked on rear wing. It's all assembled in its place permanently. I have applied tire decals last week as well. Just need to clear coat over decals. The only remaining pieces will be PE items for rear panel of the car and antenna. Even wind shield wiper is ready to be installed. I'll keep it for last step. Here are some photos. No mock ups any more, everything is permanently attached and in its place.