Monday, August 19, 2013

MP4/22 rescue build

There was another twist in the story of this model. Last November after returning from IPMS contest, I was placing models and trophies back into my glass cabinet. Somehow one of the heavy wooden trophies slipped behind from top shelf onto lower one and landed on MP4/22's rear wing. Rear right suspension and rear wing were damaged.

Fortunately damage was repairable. I've since re-applied CF decals to insides of wing end plates and put clear coat over them. Then reassembled rear suspension and finally put together rear wing last night. I've used different jig this time and managed to avoid formerly present gap between top horizontal planes. It's again not perfect, as end plates ended up not exactly parallel to each other, but it'll do for this build. I'm just happy to have this model back on the shelf in my cabinet. I love this car.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Decals applied to P34

Put pretty much all the decals on. Only small numbers from beside front wheels remain to apply. Will add PE items as needed and then it's off to final clear coat.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

McLarens under the Sun

I wanted to make some photos of my McLaren models under direct sun light, so I could compare them against real cars' photos. I think they look decent. I don't plan to re-do MP4/25 again. Instead I will continue from how it is now. My hope is that most of faulty spots will be covered with decals and remaining ones won't be much noticeable. Fist set of photos is takes under direct sun light and second under cloudy skies.