Friday, March 20, 2009

3D CAD work

I've decided that number of parts for my 1/12 conversion projects better be printed on 3D printer, simply because I have no other way of scratch building them. Great service at was mentioned in posts from gpma mail list. I'm trying to fill up printing volume to decrease price per part and make as many 3D models as possible for all current and planned 1/12 conversions. And beside that correct Brembo calipers for Revell's F2002 model if course.

Latest 3D model is brake rotor for F2007. It has distinctive vents configuration, which would be impossible to reproduce using machining equipment I have. So, I decided to add it to 3D printing order.

Before that I've finished 3D CAD models of AP Racing brake calipers for R25 and MP4/20 conversions. They have to be printed too. My attempts to machine them failed, as calipers are way too small and complex in shape to make on CNC Mill.

R25 diffuser's CAD model was most complex to date I had to create. After it any other models will be simpler.

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