Monday, September 28, 2009

CNC Mill is back on-line

I'm finally back with CNC and machining. After 3 attempts and over 10 hours of trying I managed to adjust Z column on my Mill to some acceptable level. It may not be good enough for long CNC jobs, but is OK for small ones. Like making holes in brake disks and hubs.

Main motive to returning to machining is the need in new brake parts for my F248, MP4/22 and MP4/5B builds. Brake details in Fujimi and Studio27 kits aren't that good MP4/5B brakes will also benefit quite a bit from machined parts. Plan is to make disks with round vents first and then reposition rotary table horizontally, so square vents can be machined for F248 and F2007 brakes. Ferrari has being using brake rotors with square vents for quite a few years now.

It's great to have Mill back working after months of downtime.

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