Friday, October 8, 2010

MP4/22 rescue build

It's being a while since MP4/22 had my attention. Finally it get some. Painted black areas on wings and body. Those black surfaces are ready to accept Carbon Fiber decals. Started application of main decals. Studio27 decals aren't easy to work with. Quite thin and a bit firm at the same time. React to Micro-Sol decals solution quickly and strongly. I've learned to position them as good as I can first, using extra water, drain water next and only then apply Mirco-Sol. As soon as decal solution is applied it's almost impossible to move/adjust decals location. It's also easy to damage decals after Micro-Sol is applied. Below is my regular "family" shot of MP4/22 beside MP4/5B. Work on MP4/5B build kind of helped to draw me back to MP4/22 build.

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