Sunday, January 22, 2012

IPMS Toronoto - October 2011

There has been no updates recently, mainly because all my current builds are in some intermediate stages, where no new pictures could be taken. They are either in preparation stages or waiting for some additional work to be done. However I had some news in October, which I never posted. I've participated in IPMS Toronto contest in October 2011. I've got 2nd and 3rd places in Large Scale category with Ferrari 248F1 and RedRull RB5 respectively. But main point is lack of F1 models and open wheel racing car models in general, represented in that contest. I've brought 5 cars alone and beside mine there were only few of models from other builders. Ironically I don't know which model has beaten me to 1st. I saw modeler, but don't know which model is was.

Here are pictures of line up of my models on display

And here is close up picture of my 3rd placed RB5

Pictures of each model are in dedicated album - IPMS Toronto - October 2011

With such a low turnout of models in my category, I'm not sure if I should be proud of my 2nd and 3rd places or rather ashamed by not taking 1st.

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