Monday, September 24, 2012

Started on main livery decals for RB7

Following the completion of MP4/22 and F2007, I was able to return to this build. Faced with tedious task of applying a lot of CF decals, which is not that much fun, I've decided to change approach a bit and mix CF decals application with application of main livery decals. Fortunately for me body was ready for that. In my mind such approach will allow me stay motivated, while I'm stuck applying CF decals. I've spent last 2 nights on it. Most of big size decals and main elements of the livery are on. Number of small ones, like driver names, etc. are still to do. However it started to look like a real race car already. I love this part of the build, when livery decals go on and model starts to look like a real car. Hopefully updates will become more frequent as I'm going to concentrate on this model more from now on.

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