Monday, May 6, 2013

Most difficult part of decal job is done for MP4/27

With warm, sunny weather back to GTA, my motivation and energy levels are quite high at present. I like decal jobs, so I decided to continue with one for MP4/27. Spent weekend applying decals to body and some wing elements. I opted to use all decals for day glow red instead of painting. That let me avoid painful masking and paint matching headaches. I've warmed up with decals on wing elements, before I started big ones on the nose and side pods. As expected big side pod decals were problematic, because Fujimi made simple flat decals for such a curved surfaces. With lots of Mirco-Sol and some heat from hair drier, I managed to put them on with not too many and not so big wrinkles. Most wrinkles are on the underside of side pods, so hopefully will not be very visible. Clear coat will help a bit too. I did screwed up nose stripes though. They are a bit of center. For the rest there weren't any troubles. Apparently McLaren has even less decals then Ferrari. I basically have just few more to apply on rear wing end plates and front wing elements.

Same as for F10, I've decided to use CF decals on wing elements, to avoid extra masking and painting of SG black.

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  1. Beautiful work on what looks like a nightmare of a decal job. Excellent work mate.