Saturday, July 13, 2013

Progress on P34

Finally an update. I have not stopped, and while body parts were waiting for clear coat, I've continued painting and working on small parts. Most are done, either with air-brush or hand brush painting. FORD logos were dry brushed. I need to work more on that technique, but I think it's better this time. I've attempted for a second time to do some weathering with Tamiya smoke. This time I think I've got better results. It's hard to capture on photos, because effect is very subtitle. I've applied smoke on engine, gearbox and some suspension arms. I feel it did make a difference. From plain coloured, parts went to somewhat used look. This build will pretty much be the first one, when I start assembly long before all the parts are ready. One of the reasons, is that I need engine/gearbox assembly to play a role of a jig, so I could align all the pipes of exhausts and glue them together properly before putting, priming and painting. I don't see any way to get them ready before that. Body parts were clear coated with Zero 2K afterwards and are almost ready for decals. But first I need to mask and paint aluminium colour on the chassis.

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  1. Nice to see you back on this one, and nice effect with the smoke, i shall have to try that myself.