Monday, October 7, 2013

Progress on wings for MP4/27

Concentrated on wings this weekend. First gearbox/rear suspension sub-assembly was permanently attached. Then I've built up rear wing as per instructions and later attached it to the mounting point over rear crash structure and the floor. Because of many attachment points, three in this case, alignments wasn't an issue for this model. Same as it wasn't for F10 either. Front wing is not 100% complete and not yet attached. I'm still debating in my mind if I should add some PE items to front wing. I plan to attach front wing to nose later, when I'm done with all other items, so I don't handle model much afterwards and have less chances to brake it off. I still have to create seat belts and install some PE to body shell, before I marry can it with the floor. Wheels and tires are still in mock up state. First time in my modeling history I will have to glue tires to the wheels. Fujimi tires are a bit wobbly and don't stay put on wheels. Then I will need to make logos on tires. Not sure what approach will be best yet.

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  1. Wow it almost is complete now....well worh tht effort you have put in to keep this one alive.