Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Main paint job started

Finally after long preparation period I've start main paint job past weekend. Blue colour is my own custom mix based on recommendations from haguemodels, I've mixed TS15 and TS57 in about 1:1 ratio, adding a bit more TS57 in the end. It is likely not a perfect match, but having seen only photos of real car, it was not possible for me to know proper matched colour. I think it looks acceptable. I've used TS26 for white areas. I still have to mask and paint blue on lower parts of doors, however first I want to wait till white fully cures. Didn't want to dismount parts yet, so I've just arranged them on flat surface in locations similar to their later location on the car.

Usage of Tamiya TS sprays, which dry hard and glossy, will allow me to skip intermediate clear coat and go straight to decals. Base paints from Zero or Scalefinishes, would have required thin clear coat before decals could be applied. So, next update will be in a long while, when I finish CF and livery decals application.

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  1. Nice to see some colour, I'm a big fan of Tamiya sprays, nice and easy to use.