Monday, October 19, 2015

Final assembly started

Some progress to report. This time with photos. In mean time since last update decals were done and 2K clear coat was put on. Also applied CF decals provided in the kit to floor parts. Not sure why Tamiya decided to use brown together with black to represent CF patterns. However I have no other alternative CF decals, so I just used them. Don't look correct to me, but will do for this build. Started early stages of final assembly. As this was supposed to be simple OOB build, I've cheated on seat belts and used ones provided in RB6 kit. Not my favourite part of model building, so I just took easiest route. They look half decent, but how often would one look even inside cockpit. Pretty much finished front suspension assembly and progressed quite a bit on rear as well. Monocoque and engine are just mocked up for photos. More steps to complete before rear suspension is done. Next I will attach everything to the floor and work on wings

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