Sunday, November 1, 2015

Most of the parts painted

Work continued on this model in the background. Have not put updates, but advanced quite a bit. All parts were prepared and primed. Then I have sanded smooth rough surfaces and went ahead with painting. Most parts received coats of semi-gloss black or various metallic paints. Body was painted in special Mercedes silver by Gravity Colours. Gravity paint worked nicely and I think body looks great. I just need to somehow preserve that shine while applying clear coats. Experience with 917LH's silver shows that clear could affect silver paint. I plan to use 2K clear and hope that it would work ok with Gravity paint. After all 2K clear seems to be recommended by Gravity Colours.

1 comment:

  1. Colour looks great and nice and smooth. I dont thinkyou will have any issues with 2K it is a very gentle paint and seems happy to work with any base paint. Due to your build i have picked one of these up on eBay and just want to get some decent decals for it.