Saturday, March 4, 2017

Started decals on Lotus 88 body and wings

I've started application of decals on Lotus 88. Could only do top body cover and chrome decals on side panels and rear wing for now. Sponsor decals on side panel partially go onto side air intakes. However after I stripped factory chrome and painted my parts in Alclad chrome, they do not match chrome decals provided in this kit. I had to find a way to get replacement parts. After trying different shops and forum with no luck, I've eventually found contact form on official Ebbro web site. And they agreed to send me part for small cost and little shipping fee. As soon as replacement parts arrive, I plan to complete decals and get clean coat on as soon as decals dry. From that point the will be little there to complete this model.

There is one confusing moment with application of Lotus logo decals on the nose. Instructions say to use small chrome decal and decal #1, but don't specify in which sequence. I've missed that double decal application point and only applied decal #1. However I am not sure, if I could still apply chrome decal on top of it, or should chrome decal have been used as background. Still thinking about it and trying to solve this dilemma.

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