Sunday, June 11, 2017

Started first assembly steps on Lotus 91

Work continued on Lotus 91 build in mean time. There wasn't much to show, as it was all prep work, priming and painting of various parts. Another major blocker are decals. I have ordered a full TABU set from HLJ and it has not yet arrived after 2 months of waiting. First time issue with shipping from HLJ. Most likely it is Canada Post's fault, but I ended up ordering another set from fat frog.

Almost all painting is done by now and I was able to start some assembly steps. Started with engine and suspension parts. I will have to deal with CF decals over monocoque and seat belts, before I can continue much further. As soon as decals arrive, I will be able to start working on main livery, though. Here are couple of quick shots of the progress.

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  1. I always enjoy when it all starts to come together....good luck.