Sunday, September 3, 2017

More progress on chassis assembly

Since decals were completed few months ago, I have put clear coat over them. Then masked and painted skirts black. This weekend I've got to the point when I could put chassis together. Attached side panels to the floor and put rear wings in place. Over all result is not bad. Not 100% square, because of warper floor, but kind of ok visually. It is my first Ebbro kit to build and I am pleased with quality and detail level. Fit was pretty good. Only low point is warped floor, which causes suspension and body panel's alignment to be off. Something is in the of body cowling, so it does not seat properly. But unless you look at the rear, it's not that apparent. Some photos of current state are below. Number of accessories and some wirings are left to complete. Then only wheels would be left to finish it all off.

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