Sunday, November 12, 2017

Completing prep work

Finishing up prep work. Studio27 PE set, I have for this model, provides PE covers for engine air intakes. I've decided to open up holes in engine cover for those. However while cutting trough plastic, I've managed to make holes quite a bit bigger then required. To fix the issue and to give PE bits something to rest on, I've decided to attach strips of plastic inside, just below cover surface. This way PE covers will not stick out and there should be enough space to add filter paper underneath them to simulate filtering material used on real car. Worked out ok, I think. Also attached real firewall (not shown on photos). Prior to that, I've drilled bunch of holes for future detailing with aftermarket A/N fittings, braided lines, hoses and wires. Wire and tube lines I have, are too thick for this model. So, order for MFH's 0.4mm tubes and 0.28mm wires was placed and it is on the way to me. Next I have to wash parts and get the mounted for priming. Hopefully we will see parts in primer relatively soon.

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  1. I’ve...look forward to seeing that gorgeous engine come together