Monday, February 12, 2018

Main livery decals for BT52

Worked on main livery decals' application for BT52 over the weekend. As predicted decals were a joy to work with. There were few minor fix issues, but otherwise they were great. Pretty much all decals for body panels are applied by now. Still have few to apply to radiators and other accessories. Next, I'll let them dry and then parts will be off to clear coating.

One thing that caught me out by little surprise was a sequence of assembly for parts G3/G4. My own fault mainly. I did not study color and decal application guides and painted these parts in white separately from the floor. However when I get to apply color decals #22/#21, I've realized that these decals overlap onto the floor. Fortunately for me, I was able to just glue G3/G4 to the floor before I ruined decals. In the hindsight, I could have glued G3/G4 to the floor from the start and painted them together. This way I would have been able to fill seams with putty and properly prepare all that for paint and decals. Again, fortunately seams are hardly visible, so I will be able to live with results just fine.

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  1. Looks great with the decals and love the way you have laid it all out. Thanks for the tip on the decal application.