Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tamiya Lotus 79 1979 WIP

I kept working on Lotus. Finished brush painting of all parts, except main body panels, which are still waiting for decals and clear coat. I've been using airbrush for couple of years now and I have to say - I don't like brush painting. Acrylic paints are thick, don't cover well and don't give me consistent coverage. Beside I guess I need more practice. One trick I've discovered is that when painting small details you need to lock your hands and parts together to fight hands jolting. I just push fingers on hand holding brush against other hand holding part. Rest of the parts are ready for assembly.

First assembly I've finished is DFV engine. That's first DFV I've built. Far from perfect. I used beading lines to create fuel lines simulation. I think I've chosen too thick a line. It's actually thicker then ignition wires included with the kit. I based size on dimensions from injector heads. It looks like Tamiya made them too big. Beading lines are flexible and easy to work with, but not easy to glue. Spent a lot of time trying to glue then properly to injector heads. It looks like CA glue affects line's material and melts it a bit. I plan to do a bit of touch up on line ends.

Next assemblies are rear suspension, brakes and exhausts. I also plan to work on placement of PE bits after that. Hopefully decals will arrive this week and I could finish body panels, so it all will be ready for final assembly.

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