Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lotus 79 1979 WIP

Finished application of all the decals. Still need to put body fasteners on. Have not decided yet if I will use decals or PE parts to represent them. SMS Dzus fasteners are about the right size, but a bit thick to my liking. One major issue with decals is the size of decals for front wing end plates. They are just too small. Will have to come up with solution. Another set of decals I guess. I totally didn't see it coming. Should have used stripes from kit decals and cut out text from Tabu decals. Too late now. Will remove and apply new ones, when they arrive. Will not have matching yellow, but it's better then have undersized decals.

Yellow stripes are also not perfect on rear wing end plates and side pods. Had pretty hard time trying to align them properly. Kit decals have a lot of carrier film in between, but they would allow all those stripes to align perfectly. Need to check design of my after market decals for 1978 JPS livery. There were actually even more yellow stripes in that livery.

I don't have good references for that car from particular race. So, there are probably more inaccuracies. Will have to live with those.

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