Thursday, September 8, 2011

Monopost MP4/25 WIP

Small update, but big step. I've tested Zero 2k and while it seemed to work on test spoon, it started to change shade on real parts. I've started with parts, which will be covered in red decals. So, those were my test parts. My conclusion was that Zero 2K is "no go". I've even tried to spray Mirrachrome over Zero 2K second time. Didn't help much. And trusted Gunze H30 affected Mirrachrome paint and dulled finish as well.

So, I've set out to find another clear, which would preserve this paint. Special Mirraclear product is out of my reach at present. Fortunately Wing&Wheels (probably best LHS in GTA) had all new Alclad clear coats in stock. I've picked up Alclad gloss clear. And it actually did preserve Mirrachrome paint well. Not much affect on shine, if at all. Though it is smelly paint. I've probably put too much of it on the body and it has been drying for 3 days by now, including about 12 hours in dehydrator. Still not 100% dry, I think. Beside it seems to be fragile, compared to Zero 2K, which is pretty solid, when dry.

I'm wondering if it will be save to cover Alclad gloss clear with Zero 2K ? I would really like to get more solid and less fragile clear over Alclad's clear, before I start decal application and parts would see quite a bit of handling.

Here is quick snapshot. Not much difference with previous one. But that's the point - it means shine has been preserved well. MP4/22 on background received few coats of Zero @K clear to protect decals. Zero 2K clear also helped to make colors more vivid on those fluo red decals.

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