Monday, January 21, 2013

Some progress on MP4/27

I finally have an update I can report. I could only manage 5-6 hours of modeling time a week since New Year and that makes my progress even slower that it was last year I have finished gluing and putting parts before primer could be applied. Mounted parts on toothpicks (took about 3 hours, btw) and finally sprayed first layers of primer onto most of the parts. I've decided to pre-assemble some winglets for the front wing, as I see assembly after painting to be quite problematic. It's clear on last picture, which parts I've pre-assembled. It's quite likely that body and wing parts will require more preparations and another layer of primer. Chrome paint needs perfect base surface to achieve the effect. So, I will be working on surface preparations for quite a while longer, and there will be not much chance for updates for a while.


  1. Nice to see some progress....I love the army of toothpicks and parts.

    1. Yes, I'm pretty happy I was able to move forward on it. It's being really frustrating for me not making much progress, because of resent reduction of my available modeling time. Beside chrome finish rest of the build should be relatively straightforward.