Sunday, December 16, 2012

Work continues on MP4/27

I've picked up MP4/27 again this weekend. Decided to glue together as many body parts as possible before paint. Because this one is going to be curbside, I've built out almost full body shell. I've use floor as a guide for better alignment. It actually went together better then I've feared. And parts have aligned to each other well enough. I still fear for the version with engine, where I would not be able to glue parts together and panels will have to remain removable. But let's see first if Fujimi actually produces kit with engine, then I'll worry about it, if I decide to buy it. I've also put together nose cone, gearbox and some rear suspension parts, and floor parts.

Last 2 photos are of the mock up and represent current state of the model.


  1. It looks alright, moulding looks sharp and clean, get some paint onto that baby....

    1. Thanks for positive comments. McLaren chrome paint is very special and perfect mirror like gloss black base is critical. This body will require serious preparation before paint could be applied.

  2. Replies
    1. Not much. I'm stuck in preparation stage - putty and sanding in cycles.

  3. Oh that is the one area i do not enjoy at times....when you putty, sand and then think it is ready for paint and guess what, there are flaws. Good luck at that end.