Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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With F10 almost completed and out of my way at the moment, I could return to this McLaren. Spent couple of hours to put rear brakes, rear and font suspensions together. Brakes are almost identical to F10, so I was able to use second set of PE items from Hobby Design's F10 set to simulate rotors. This time I've used Gator glue to hold PE in place. Worked fine and allowed for a cleaner result. I have modified position of rear brake calipers a bit, so they seat deeper and match PE better. However location of calipers is not accurate. On real car they are positioned horizontally at the bottom of rotors. Fujimi does not bother with such small inaccuracies. With some extra effort, that could be corrected. But I don't plan to display car with wheels off and rest of brake detail aren't 100% accurate anyway. Drive shafts are from after market Top Studio set. They are machined parts, look pretty nice and have durable coating. Installed rear light as well. Not visible on the photo, but it's there. Front brakes and nose will be next. Then I plan to switch to work on wings and cockpit.

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