Friday, September 20, 2013

Final stages for F10

Unblocked after seat belts installation was done, I've started to put major components together. But first I've simulated heat shielding on the floor and rear suspension using bare metal foil. My silver sheet of foil is old and lost its adhesive abilities. I've used Gator acrylic glue to secure it in place. Attached exhausts to engine, then engine, gearbox and monocoque to floor. Next assembled rear wing in place. All the provided tabs and also rear wing supports allow for easy installation and assembly in place. Latest item assembled was front wing. I've used PE items from Studio27 set. I think it would be better to use items #8 in place of items #3 and vase verse. Still have 2 top winglets to attach. I'm rushing this build a bit in attempt to make it to local contest this Saturday. It will not be 100% completed by then, but I plan to return to it and finish up later.

1 comment:

  1. Nice work Sergey, you would not pick that your BF was stuck down. I do like the wing the PE on the wing, nice touch. Good luck with the show and i hope people notice the hard work you have put into this one.