Monday, May 5, 2014

More progress on F1-GTR long tail

Little bit more progress on this build. Attached front sub-frame and assembled parts of front suspension. Also assembled engine parts. Engine looks great and is one of the highlights of this model, imho. Exhausts are in the opposite a bit of a let down. Spend over an hour fiddling with parts and trying to figure out a way to pre-assemble exhaust headers and middle parts and install them later. The one way I could see it could be done is if one installs engine, gearbox and rear cooling ducts at the same time. With all the glue that has to be added on that step, I certainly don't see myself been able to do that. So, plan for now is to go ahead according to instructions and have those ugly seems on exhausts. After all this is OOB build and I think I could live with those seems, no problem. May be I will build another Aoshima kit with modifications and corrected brakes later.

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