Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Black is painted on inside and out.

Removed major block over the weekend. Masked off and painted semi-gloss black all internal surfaces on body panels. 5 hours spent on complex masking seem like a lot of wasted time to me. But it had to be done. Actual painting took may be 15 min and then another 30 or so to remove masking. Fortunately there wasn't much bleed through to remove. I've used Tamiya fine polishing compound and cotton swabs to remove it. Over all result is better then I've expected. But most important is that I can go ahead and complete most of the assemblies for this model. Also cleared coated wheels and seat. Only some PE bits are left to paint, before I have it all ready for final push.

Here are masked parts with semi-gloss black already applied.

Here are parts ready to go. I can't show both side of parts at the same time, so I put some of them outer face out, some inner face out.

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