Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Engine/gearbox assembly completed

Spent most of the weekend working on exhausts for this model. Managed to get them together after more then 5 hours spent bending and fiddling with parts. There are many gaps and number of scratched showing how difficult that fight was. Likely the biggest struggle of this build. My mistake was not doing complete pre-assembly for the exhausts and not reshaping them as it was needed before hand. It was much more difficult to do, after parts were painted. I think most of defect will not be visible when engine is installed in its place, but I will know they are there Hopefully rest of assemblies will not be as hard. Also worked a bit on accessories in side pods. Mostly assembled by now. Prior to exhausts gearbox was permanently attached to engine. I've used epoxy exclusively for all the assemblies. Takes longer, but bond is strong, while it retains some flexibility. Will likely switch attention to finishing cockpit items next, as they prevent me from putting roof in place and doing other assembly steps.

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