Sunday, August 17, 2014

917LH 1971 conversion project started

I've started a new project. With all the fuzz around MFH 1/12 917LH and with arrival of Fisher body with Fujimi donor included, I could not resist and started the conversion project. Idea is to use chassis with most of the components from Fujimi donor kit and Fisher body of 917LH car from Le Mans 1971. Decals I have are for the car with Martini livery. I think it is a cool livery.

First I've detached all parts of Fujimi kit from plastic trees and cleaned them up. Next step is to modify Fujimi parts, so Fujimi chassis fits under Fisher body. I actually had to shave quite a bit of resin from Fisher body as well. Fit still not 100% as I want it, but not too bad. One kind of funny thing was that Fujimi chassis did not want to fit well until I removed Fisher copyright block. I guess Fujimi chassis wasn't happy to mate with foreign body :)

First photo shows how Fujimi chassis looks like after modifications. Never mind masking tape, it's there just to hold parts together for test fit tryouts. Next couple of photos show body and chassis' fit. And the rest show how chassis with wheels and tires fitted works with Fisher body. Front looks too high. In the rear wheels don't fit well under body and end up with too much negative cumber. Not sure yet what I could do about the front ride height. For rear wheels I will have to reduce their track width a bit and remove some more resin from the body.


  1. Looks like a great start Sergey! I'm glad I decided to sell this and that you bought it. I know you'll make a beautiful and unique build out of it.

  2. Staight into the next build...Look forward to your progress.