Monday, September 22, 2014

Started decals

With my MFH short tail build blocked somewhat and P34 almost finished, I was able to return to this model. About 3 weeks ago I've polished off imperfections in clear coat and unblocked myself to start decal application. Started it over past weekend. Spent about 5 or 6 hours so far. Completed couple of complex tasks. First applied side decals. Next put down thin orange stripes. Fortunately my masking was close enough for stripes to lay down alright. I had to add couple of small extensions where stripes were too short for my paint layout. Overall I'm pretty happy about how it turned out. Couple more complex tasks are left to do - wide central orange stripe to apply over roof and rear doors and then Davidoff logos for the doors. After that rest of the decals should be relatively easy and straightforward to apply.

Here are two quick shots of its current state.

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