Sunday, January 4, 2015

Back to F1-GTR

Finally was able to return to this build. I have applied window trim decals some time ago, but only get to apply clear coat over them recently. I've also started assembly of the doors. After a bit of a soul searching, I've decided to not spend any more time on CF decals and used door inserts as is in plain SG black. Same happened with remaining engine intake parts. Assembled them as there were. It is probably my own fault, but window trim decals did not fit perfect and some white body paint would be visible, if I installed them as is. So, I had to paint trim black on body and door parts as well. Last I was able to attach rear side panels. I guess I've done something wrong, but there are significant gaps around rear engine door. It appears to be not wide enough. I'm going to try to flatten it a bit.

Here is where this build at now.

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