Monday, February 2, 2015

Doors attached

Finally have something to show. I've completed engine door Friday night. Far from perfect, but I just couldn't make myself to spend more time on it. If there is ever 1/12 kit and I would be building it, I will do better job (promise to myself). This unblocked me to advance with further assembly though. Attached engine door and side doors. Then fixed middle part of the roof in place. Drilled holes and made side compartment covers attachable.

Resin doors are actually a big problem in this kit. I know some feel metal doors are too heavy and unnecessary. But metal doors would allow some adjustability to help fit them well in their place. Resin doors provide no way to adjust them. And kit doors do not conform to the shape of chassis well. So fit of the doors in my model is pretty poor and there nothing I could do about it now.

Last 2 photos are still a mock up of how panels attach at present.

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